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AW16 launch from a social media point of view

While everyone else is out travelling, leaving the halls at the GOSH HQ rather empty; as a social media responsible you’re never really off duty. Though I’d love to be at a beach wearing my favourite sunnies, the launch of new products needs preparing and executing online. So it’s safe to say that my phone rarely leaves my hand for more than a few minutes these days.


As you might know, we’ve just launched our brand new AW16 products and we’re pretty excited to say the least! But though an enormous work load goes into actually creating the products and campaigns of each season, what is shown online also takes weeks of preparation. For this season, I have been hitting the beach – not with my sunnies and towel though - but with my camera and lights! For AW16 we’re taking on the Danish coastlines, since our products contain both Seaweed and Liquid Sea Minerals. Stay tuned on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest to see the results…

Foundation Plus+ - Beach View2 Lash Sculpting - Sand


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