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The Danish Spring

Winter in Denmark can be dark and cold with only seven hours of sun on the shortest day. On the contrary, the Danish summer is filled with picture perfect summer nights with more than 18 hours of blissful sunshine a day.

From the beginning of February nature tells us – that our longing for beautiful Danish summer soon comes to an end. Small flowers like eranthis and snowdrops sprouts and the lark’s song fills the cold air with its beautiful melody – spring is on its way!!!

This time of year all Danes starts to act a little silly. As soon as the sun shows a few rays of light, we sit outside cafes - even though it is freezing cold – and drink our coffee. We also eat lots and lots of Danish caviar – the lump fish roe – which only is in season for a few months a year, while we wait for the new Danish potatoes and strawberries to come in season too (which we don’t mind paying a small fortune for – as long as we get it as early as possible)

We keep up with this silliness all through summer, adoring what the Danish nature brings us from its treasury.

Our SS16 news just hit the stores 1st of February. Beautiful products filled with Danish ingredients like sun-ripened seabucktorn berries and drizzling red raspberries – teasing and reminding us how much we long to be silly.



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