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I remember my mom bringing home stones or pebbles from days at the sea. From the beaches and coastlines surrounding Denmark, but also from trips around the world. Always a beautiful stone and a beautiful story with it. Stories that I related to through my childhood, but also through adulthood and again when closing my mother’s story of life.

In youth, my own habit of stones and pebbles came into my life. Not exactly collecting stones, but my eyes just cannot seem to help themselves from observing shapes, colours and the stones ‘expressions’. Eye-magnets laying around and for me an ever-lasting source of inspiration. And you know…there is always that special for my pocket. A touch-base element in a hectic world, reminding me of beautiful and magic simplicity, every time my fingers feels and remembers this particular pebble.

You know what my 10 years old son likes the most? Family times loaded with time for zen and days spent outside. Driftwood pieces. His aquarium. Seashells. Photos and memories of happy days at the sea. The colour blue in all shades. In addition…stones and pebbles with their stories of time and transformation.

Sorry - long story short. I actually just wanted to let you in on some of the thoughts and moods for AW16. But I am sure you have already guessed it…the inspiration for the visuals for AW16 were found in nature, the ever transforming sea, the rugged coastlines of Denmark, stones & pebbles, driftwood pieces, zen and a bit of blue.


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