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When heading off for holiday in just one day, the to-do list is booming with tasks that needs to be ticked off before leaving the office for the summer break.
Summertime and the space to let go of all routines, is just one flip away on the calendar and I look forward to spending three weeks of happy summer times with my son, family and friends - just enjoying life and the easy-going vibe that goes with being on holiday.

Easy-going is also, what defines my summer favourites. Summer means relaxation in all ways and for my skin it is about almost no-makeup and a lot of sunscreen, - but no matter where I am going…either staying in Denmark as we are going to this year or going abroad, I still have a few essentials that I treasure and have to fit into my bags.
I always carry a sunscreen with me to use throughout the day for protection of me and my sons skin…he hates it - I can already hear him…’oh mummy’.
Cool shades is a must and in Denmark, summer also means carrying an umbrella for unexpected rain showers.

Makeup wise I need my favourite LIPOIL, - a clear one and one in my perfect summer shade, 004 Raspberry. My son uses the clear one for his lips that tend to get a bit dry. But more important - I use the clear one on my eyelids and on top of my cheekbones to add luminosity and shine, - our Global Makeup Artist, Sidsel Marie Bøg, came up with so many ways to use the LIPOIL and she really got me inspired. The Raspberry, well that’s for my lips, adding a hit of summer colour and a lot of hydration.
Besides the LIPOIL, I use our GIANT SUN POWDER for a sun kissed look, our BROW KIT for perfect brows and just a dab of black mascara on my upper lashes, - right now my favourite mascara is actually a new one to be launched with our AW16 assortment. Look out for it, - it’s great!

For now, I need to get back to the last to-do’s on my list before going on holiday.
Enjoy summer :-) and if you want to check out the LIPOIL tips and tricks, - go to our YouTube channel

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