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In marketing & communication we sometimes tend to forget to be in the moment - always thinking ahead. The next season, the next product, the next trend. We therefore sometimes forget one of life’s biggest learnings, - to live and feel the moment.
For the last couple of weeks I have had my head and work time all buried in SS17, finishing the products, theme & communication as well as shooting the most beautiful visuals. Not forgetting the preparation of our internal SS17 kick-off.
On side, the preparations for SS17 we are working on a daily basis with the launches of the upcoming AW16.
Then last week, I met with an old colleague for a coffee. During our coffee date, she took the GOSH LIP OIL from her bag and was head over heels about the look, effect and texture.
It seems silly but it was one of these moments that makes you think. For one, because she is right, - LIP OIL is an amazing lip product and I keep it with me all the time…I love it, my lips love it, I use it for highlights on top of the cheekbones and of course, my son has the clear one in his bag to use for chapped lips during the day.
However, it also made me think because in my private life, I am very determined to practice living in - and feeling the moment.
Apparently, I had forgotten all about that…hey…it is the season of SS16. It is time to enjoy, be proud and exhale all the work our amazing team has done to be able to launch all the fantastic SS16 products, the visuals, the behind the scenes - all of it.
Thinking of all that made me more than proud and gave me a chance to indulge myself in the BEAUTYOFTHERAW of SS16. I hope that you will too. Enjoy:-)


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